By Lizzie Hopkinson

We are pleased to announce that Sue Palmer has been awarded “Best Equine Physiotherapist” in the West Midlands, by the Animal Health and Wellness Awards. Sue works tirelessly to help her clients and their horses, to lead healthier and happier lives, and is delighted to have received this recognition of her work.

Equine physiotherapy is an ideal treatment for post-injury rehabilitation, or simply for ensuring that your horse is performing at their optimum. Many clients enjoy the peace of mind that having a regular treatment brings, knowing that their horses are happy in their bodies, with no underlying aches or pains. Equine physiotherapy can be used on old and young horses or ponies, and is a good treatment no matter what level of work your horse or pony undertakes. To book your treatment, or learn more equine physiotherapy please click here.

Sue Palmer is one of the founders of the Ethical Horsemanship Association which aims to offer online learning and support in a non-judgmental environment. To learn more about EHA, and what it can offer to you, please click here.

We are proud that Sue has been selected by the Animal Health and Wellness Awards and will continue to endeavour to bring top quality care and attention to horses. Remember that horses can only communicate their pain or discomfort through their behaviour. So, if your horse is exhibiting uncharacteristic behaviour, make sure you rule out pain first. It can be all too easy for horses to slip in the field, or knock themselves when we are not around. Is your horse putting his ears back when being girthed up? Is he reluctant to let you mount? Is he unwilling to go forwards? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, he may be in pain. You are your horse’s best champion, he is trying to talk to you, make sure you remember to listen!

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