Talking, talking and more talking…

We love talking about horses, learning new things, new skills, expanding our knowledge and ultimately improving the time that we spend with our horses.

We love sharing our knowledge and what better way to do this than to have a whole evening of talks? Lots of opportunity to ask questions, clarify points that we want to understand better, and generally enjoy a good evening.

If this sounds like your sort of evening, then come along and join us on Friday the 2nd March at 7pm at Spot Acre Equestrian.

Sue Palmer will be giving a talk on massage, and the message of brain, pain, or training, as in her book and DVD “Understanding Horse Performance Brain, Pain, or Training?”

Simon Palmer will be divulging the secrets of a good photograph, to help you get the best of shot of your horse.

Tickets are now on sale, don’t miss out get your today by clicking here!


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